Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher, who taught meditation as a means to inner peace and self-discovery. Born in India, in 1931, he moved to New York, US in 1964, and over the next few decades he established meditation centres around the world – teaching an integral spiritual path, which included both meditation and outer service. Sri Chinmoy sought to combine the best of Eastern mysticism with the best of Western dynamism. This included teachings on meditation, and also founding the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team (to promote running races) and the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run (a global torch relay for world harmony and peace)

Sri Chinmoy’s approach to meditation included a focus on the spiritual heart – encouraging seekers to find a place deep within which was beyond the confines of the mind and usual thoughts. Sri Chinmoy also taught that the qualities of the heart could be most effective for creating a ‘Oneness World’ where individuals from different backgrounds could see and feel the underlying unity of humanity – despite outer differences.

When I meditate in my heart,
I feel my meditation becomes
Very deep, illumining and fulfilling.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s Early Life

Sri Chinmoy’s Meetings and Activities

Sri Chinmoy has met with hundreds of heads of state and national and local leaders for dialogue for peace and progress. He has held meditations and addressed numerous parliaments and congresses, including those in the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Sri Chinmoy has been invited by many leaders and luminaries to offer his philosophy for achieving world peace and has been privileged to share inspiration with some of the greatest figures of our time, many of whom have  participated in his activities such as the Peace Run, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles, the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms Programme and the Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award.

“My students all over the world, wherever there are Centres, they pray and meditate, and they also read my writings. Also, as you know, I have composed thousands of songs. They listen to the music, and some are accomplished musicians, so they sing (…) I give talks and I answer questions, and I also teach my students how to meditate. I have written, as you know, considerably, and I also help them inwardly. (…) Mine is not a religion, mine is just a road. We walk along a road. Religion is not the same as the road. We walk along the road. You can practise your religion, she can practise her religion, I can practise my religion. But if we walk along the road, then there is no objection. We can reach our destination.” Sri Chinmoy

The Sri Chinmoy Centre