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Our meditatiAdarshaon courses are always free. What we would like to share is a tool for self-discovery, the teachings of a true spiritual Master and our own experience in learning meditation. Meditation first thing in the morning makes us happy and truly fulfilled, revealing to us a new and brighter meaning to life. A veritable treasure waiting to be found!

The meditation course is aimed at beginners and experienced meditators alike. We teach various techniques for meditation in the heart, concentration, breathing and the use of mantras.

The Next Set of Beginners Classes:

To be arranged

All welcome. The meditation course will follow these beginners classes.

“Meditation and music cannot be separated.”

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy laid special emphasis on the relationship between music and meditation and there will be an opportunity to learn to sing and play Sri Chinmoy’s songs under the expert guidance of Adarsha Kelly – who will conduct the introductory classes.

Adarsha has been singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs for over thirty years and during that time, was regularly praised for the soulfulness of his singing and his interpretation of his songs by Sri Chinmoy.

The first part of the course will introduce you to the ABC’s of meditation. We will do group meditations in all classes. The second part, addresses the deeper aspects of the spiritual life and you can learn more about Sri Chinmoy’s path.





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